Love meditation, yoga and got an incredible encounter with ancestral shamanic tradition. I started to be interested in the inner world and about life in its pure expression, when I was really young. Started to pray and meditate once and then twice the day with 11 years old and with 13 years old, not missing it even once. My first of a row of mystical experiences was with 14, feeling with my body the presence of what some will named God, which was also the picture I had at that time.

Since I am widening my comprehension of what is to be alive, what will be to die one day. After many adventures which could be written in a book, in the middle of my 30s, I got the revelation in altered state that I am a born-shaman, this means an expression of the spirit of our Forest amongst human, a link, one who has access to this ancestral knowledge. A shaman between the world you know and the world of the spirit and there is getting knowledge, and acquiring qualities, to help individual and community to growth throught their heart. Recently I got connected with traditional shaman from Colombia, and they recognized the value of my work, and give me their full support as they have a long history of tradition we got lost in Europe and need to be rediscovered. Probably the long term purpose of this life is to bring this ancestral knowledge in Europe back, in the middle of this modern neo-business-shamanism.

In this praxis, I am offering different way to work together, I love offering massage without any intention of healing or calling the Spirit, just for the love of listening a body experiencing deep relaxation, it is a delight and can spend hours doing it. With that, a decade ago, I learnt the Grinberg Method, a very comprehensive way to touch this psychosomatic aspect of an human system, allowing to explore throught touching the body, difficult moments of the biography of my clients (like traumata) without getting too verbal, and offer through feeling the possibility to change and to get out of some repetitive and toxic patterns. It is a very subtil work in which a client can learn about oneself just by listening his body through my touch. I love it and can be very surprising. Recently I extended this work for woman which want to extend this kind of exploration to their sexuality. I came to it, after having over the years realized how much sadness, angriness and blockage were is saved in the hips / pelvis / leggs / sexual organes, ways more than what men are experiencing (there is also topic there for them, of course), and how this are at the origin of emotional/sexual blockage blocking any possibility blossom in a satisfying relationship with a partner. It is a place where my client can slowly, with care starting to rediscover to an healthy relationship to their body, their sexuality and a sense of pleasure through the all body, with the idea of being able to offer this vulnerability with a sense of solid personal trust it in a relationship.

I am also working with traditional medicine like Kambô, offering deep healing and cleansen. It is powerful, come from the jungle of South America. For each of this work, you will find some description below.

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions. 

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Meine Coaching-Angebote sind NICHT therapeutisch, ich übe beratende Tätigkeiten aus, die Deine Selbstheilungskräfte aktivieren sollen. Meine psychologischen Beratungen und Coachings werden nicht von der Krankenkasse übernommen, da es Verfahren der Humanistischen Psychologie sind, die nicht abgerechnet werden können. Zudem bist Du in jeglicher Hinsicht selbstverantwortlich, denn genau da fängt Gesundheit auf physischer und psychischer Ebene an.

Rechtlicher Hinweis

Ich bin gesetzlich dazu verpflichtet, Dir Folgendes mitzuteilen:

Alle Beratungen, Behandlungen und Seminare, die ich anbiete, dienen der Aktivierung deiner Selbstheilungskräfte und ersetzen nicht die Diagnose und/oder Behandlung durch einen Arzt oder Heilpraktiker. Meine Arbeit ersetzt keinen Arzt, Heilpraktiker oder Psychiater sowie andere hilfreiche unterstützende physio- oder mental-therapeutische Behandlungen, sondern dienen ausschließlich als geistige und mentale Genesungshilfen sowie der spirituellen Lebensführung. Laut der aktuellen Rechtssprechung sind meine Angebote ausdrücklich keine medizinische Behandlung, sondern dienen der Seelsorge mit dem Ziel der Aktivierung der Selbstheilungskräfte.



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